Strategic choices

I what types of services to offer and in which markets; I what resources and capabilities are needed to support these services; I how to acquire or build these resources. The strategic choice space is in the area of overlap among these three components, as depicted in this diagram.

It is more common in markets that are mature or beginning to decline. The last step would be to develop a concrete action plan involving all different aspects of the implementation including the roles of the different actors, cost and revenue estimations, and the monitoring of the execution and running of the project.

Communicability A strategic choice may be authentic, and it may be believable, however, if it not in a form that enables it to be effectively and efficiently communicated, it is a waste of time.

It should include a clear definition of who are the intended beneficiaries of the organization, and explain unambiguously the kind of benefit they are entitled to expect from the organization.

Most of these statements do not represent real choices, just empty slogans. An example of this would be a manufacturer acquiring retail outlets or a hop grower beginning to brew his own beer.

The process involves exploring a variety of strategic options on the road to isolating the hand full of major strategic decisions that become the essence of the corporate strategy.

Strategic Choice – Factors affecting & Process of Strategic choice

Unlike many other workers who focus primarily on the disposal and use of power in these situations, the SCA focused on processes for achieving improved understanding across the usual battle lines in building consensus about what is feasible an desirable in the way of decisions that move to getting things done, while not closing off options for future action, leaving some scope for people to change their minds, and rake advantage of new and usually unforeseen opportunities for making improvements.

This form is common in the civil engineering and defence industries. The nature of this forms the content of strategy and is addressed in Part IV.

The entity must choose who it exists to serve in some beneficial way.

Four key strategic choices

Nonprofit organizations and the Strategic Choice Approach An alternative view to the approach mostly taken at simply-strategic-planning. For a nonprofit like a school it may involve choices about the student groups to be educated.

Backward integration is a move towards suppliers and raw materials in the same overall business. Opinions, and apparent hunches, or just gut feelings may be useful inputs to generating or discussing strategic choices. Before giving up it may be worth looking to see if the alignment between factors raised in the analysis which seem relevant to objectives have been misread, or are alternative forms of issues already aligned in the central strategic choice space.

Structured diagrams such as Figures This coincides with experience when purchasing household goods. Good strategic choices have to be challenging enough to keep ahead of competitors but also have to be achievable. The choice made here will greatly affect the role of a municipality or a region and thus define the influence of the public authority on the broadband infrastructure project.

Strategic Choice and International Relations [David A. Lake, Robert Powell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The strategic-choice approach has a long pedigree in international relations.

In an area often rent by competing methodologies/5(6). Strategic Choices for a Turbulent World: In Pursuit of Security and Opportunity (Research report ; Book 6) Jan 18, by Andrew R. Hoehn and Richard H. Solomon. Process of strategic choice 6. Focusing on strategic alternativesFocusing on alternative could be done byvisualizing the future state and workingbackwards.


This done through gap analysis. 7. GAP AnalysisGAP ANALYSIS = Projected Performance – DesiredPerformance 8. Executive Summary.

A common pitfall in strategic planning exercises is to make strategic choices independently of each other. For example, key strategic decisions involve making choices about. The Authority Trap: Strategic Choices of International NGOs [Sarah S.

Strategic Choice Theory

Stroup, Wendy H. Wong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not all international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) are created equal, Some have emerged as leading INGOs that command deference from various powerful audiences and are well-positioned to influence the practices of statesAuthor: Sarah S.

Stroup, Wendy H.

Setting Objectives & Making Strategic Choices

Wong. The choices of infrastructure types, investment and business models and financing tools should support the achievement of the goals defined in the broadband plan. Four key strategic choices | Digital Single Market.

Strategic Choice Theory Strategic choices
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