From a plain piece of cloth

Traditional crewel fabrics are hand woven and embroidered in India. Waffle cloth has a honeycomb weave made on dobby loom. I like it so much, it's actually pictured in the left border throughout my web site. After he puts his chasuble on, he pulls the amice down around his neck so that it looks like a collar or a muffler.

plain clothes

Cassocks are worn by both clergy and lay worship leaders, with or without a surplice. Screen Printing - A hand or machine table printing process in which a stenciled screen held in a frame is positioned on the cloth and color is applied with a squeeze.

Sometimes used broadly to define a fabric woven from chenille yarns. It is a fault but we consider it as properties. The difference between clericals and vestments is that clericals are street clothes, while vestments are only worn during worship.

Antique Satin - A reversible satin-weave fabric with satin floats on the technical face and surface slubs on the technical back created by using slub filling yarns. It is produced in much greater quantity than cuprammonium rayon, the other commercial type.

Crepe Charmeuse - A smooth, soft luster fabric of grenadine silk warp and filling, with latter given crepe twist. The chevron is not an embroidered flame stitch, but is composed of zigzag lines that are printed onto the fabric. Wales are the ridges that run lengthwise in the fabric, courses run crosswise.

Frieze - A strong, durable, heavy warp yarn pile fabric. The fabric is extensible in a course wise direction and in a wale wise direction.

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Block Printing - A hand printing process where the motifs have been carved on wooden blocks. When a cincture is made of leather or plastic, or if it is used with street clothing, it is called a belt.

Properties and Uses of Plain Knit Structures

He pulls the cords around his torso, so they cross in the back, and ties them in the front. The word alb is short for the Latin phrase tunica alba, which means white tunic; accordingly, albs are usually made of white or undyed fabric. S Back to Top Sateen Fabric - A fabric made from yarns with low luster, such as cotton or other staple length fibers.

It has the body and drape of satin. Stretch velvet has some lycra, it can be machine washed and will not create a shine in the seat or elbows. After he pulls it down onto his shoulders, it serves as a neck scarf to protect his throat from the cold. Needlepoint - Hand embroidery in petit or gros point stitch on a canvas foundation.

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Amice An amice is a rectangular piece of cloth with religious symbols and two cords, one affixed to each front corner. It originated as a neck scarf, which was still its form and function in the first century.

From a plain piece of cloth
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