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Literature Babbitt — a self-satisfied person concerned chiefly with business and middle-class ideals, like material success.

A Huge List of Famous Allusions

From the giant from the Philistine city of Gath, slain by David. This is an allusion to the Greek myth of Daedalus and his son Icarus, who in their attempt to fly on self-made wings approached the sun too closely and therefore lost their lives.

Their occurrence is fairly common in our daily speech. Chinese philosopher who is said to be the most revered person in Chinese history; Thomas Love Peacock However, anyone who does not want to fly dangerous missions is obviously sane, thus, there is no way to avoid flying the missions.

Stonewall — hinder or obstruct by evasive, delaying tactics from Stonewall Jackson. English scientist; author of the theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest; Schopenhauer, Arthur Astonishingly enough, Common allusions using so many literary quotations, he tries to prove the uselessness of literature, but the effect is one to the contrary.

William Irwin remarks that allusion moves in only one direction: Little Black Sambo also is the title of an illustrated children's book which was first published in by Hellen Bannerman and is still available today. Today, a "Cassandra" refers to someone who predicts disasters or negative results, especially to someone whose predictions are disregarded.

In later years, this was followed by his Essay on Mana philosophical poem, which is now generally regarded as his masterpiece. Jekyll and Hyde — a capricious person with two sides to his personality.

Comes from a myth adapted into a play by George Bernard Shaw. It should be kept in mind that Bradbury criticized such an abuse of the new medium when it was becoming a nation-wide institution in the early s.

Machiavellian — characterized by expedience, deceit and cunning; after Niccolo Machiavelli. The quotation is reminiscent of Bacon's "Knowledge is power". Allusion Examples in Everyday Speech The use allusions are not confined to literature alone.

Eros was the Greek god of love. That favourite subject, Myself: As far as the allusions to poets, philosophers, men of letters, scientists, etc. Casual Reference, "the use of language which recalls a specific antecedent, but only in a general sense" that is relatively unimportant to the new context; Single Reference, in which the hearer or reader is intended to "recall the context of the model and apply that context to the new situation"; such a specific single reference in Virgil, according to Thomas, is a means of "making connections or conveying ideas on a level of intense subtlety"; Self-Reference, where the locus is in the poet's own work; Corrective Allusion, where the imitation is clearly in opposition to the original source's intentions; Apparent Reference "which seems clearly to recall a specific model but which on closer inspection frustrates that intention"; and Multiple Reference or Conflation, which refers in various ways simultaneously to several sources, fusing and transforming the cultural traditions.

Harpy — a predatory person or nagging woman. McCarthyism — modern witch hunt, the practice of publicizing accusations without evidence; after Joseph McCarthy. Allusion Examples in Everyday Speech The use allusions are not confined to literature alone. Read the example from Act III below: A little learning is a dangerous thing Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring Examples of Allusion in Literature Let us analyze a few examples of the use of allusions in literature: Johnson is one of Great Britain's most important eighteenth-century critics and lexicographers cf.

This idea can also be traced in Aldous Huxley's dystopia Brave New Worldwhere many free-time activities are used as a kind of occupational therapy. Alpha and Omega — the beginning and the end, from a quote in Revelations.

American writer ; Whitman, Walt: Odyssey — a long journey. It secured rights to control access to genetic resources for the countries in which those resources are located. A sobriquet is an allusion. The work is a didactic poem in heroic couplets, published inwhen the writer was only 21 years old.

We have our fingers in the dike: Daedalus made wings of wax and bird feathers to escape from Crete with his son, Icarus.

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Named for Pandora, who opened a box of human ills. The allusion does not give much detail about the reference-it does not describe things in detail. Allusion Allusion Definition Allusion is a brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea of historical, cultural, literary or political significance.

Mythological Allusions Achilles heel: In Greek mythology, the warrior Achilles was made invulnerable as a baby by being dipped into the River Styx. Only his heel—the place he was held by when being dipped—was left unprotected, which led to his downfall when it was struck by an arrow. Reading for Thinking, 5th edition Page 2 of 2 DeFarge could have matched the former first lady’s determ ination to punish those who had ridiculed her family.” 6.

Homer, Homeric: Homer was an ancient Greek poet said to have written The Iliad, a long poem that recorded the events of the Trojan’s description of the war between the.

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Improve your language arts knowledge with free questions in "Identify the source of allusions" and thousands of other language arts skills. Examples of Allusion in Common Speech. Significance of Allusion.

Authors use allusions intentionally, though it is the reader’s responsibility to understand the reference. Allusions can create meaning in a work that is lost if the reader doesn’t grasp the reference. Therefore, allusions can be a test of a sort of cultural literacy.

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Common allusions
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