Alternating schedules

It may not be paid for periods of nonwork, including leave, holidays, and excused absence. Is it intended to promote other Commute Solutions strategies like carpooling and vanpooling. Excused Absence The head of an agency may grant excused absence with pay to employees covered by an FWS program under the same circumstances as excused absence would be granted to employees covered by other work schedules.

Flexible hours also referred to as "flexible time bands" The times during the workday, workweek, or pay period within the tour of duty during which an employee covered by a flexible work schedule may choose to vary his or her times of arrival to and departure from the work site consistent with the duties and requirements of the position.

Within limits set by their agencies, FWS can enable employees to select and alter their work schedules to better fit personal needs and help balance work, personal, and family responsibilities.

For example, if compressed work week participants are required to divide into two camps for days off most likely Mondays and FridaysCommute Solutions participants would get the first choice on which day to take off.

Calendars for Alternate Work Week Schedules

You can be granted compensatory time off in lieu of the overtime pay if you request it. There is no requirement that employees use flexible hours for medical or dental appointments or other personal matters if the employee wishes to charge this time to leave. Days Off Usually compressed work week participant days off are divided, with half taking Monday and half taking Friday, although any variation can be used to meet the needs of employers.

But for alternative work arrangements, the input is crucial. Work Requirement The number of hours or amount of work that must be accomplished each day or week.

Alternating Weeks - Visitation Schedule Examples

See section 3 of Executive Order of February 11, Agencies have the authority to establish flexible and core hours to meet their needs.

Managers also may fear alternative work arrangements, because they can complicate how the manager monitors employees, manages tasks and ensures coverage of work duties.


C a and 46 Comptroller General For example, if compressed work week participants are required to divide into two camps for days off most likely Mondays and FridaysCommute Solutions participants would get the first choice on which day to take off.

However, employers should not feel that days off should be limited to Monday and Friday only. See 5 CFR Credit hours are base hours which the employee elects to work so as to vary the length of a workday, workweek or pay period.

50/50 Custody & Visitation Schedules: 6 Examples

For a compressed schedule: See the definition of "overtime hours" at 5 U. Agency Any executive agency or military department as defined in 5 U. There is no "suffered and permitted" concept of overtime under a flexible AWS.

For example, an open or maxi flextime lets vanpoolers and carpoolers pick schedules that accommodate their pools. Compressed work schedule CWS in the case of a full-time employee, an hour biweekly basic work requirement that is scheduled by an agency for less than 10 workdays; and in the case of a part-time employee, a biweekly basic work requirement of less than 80 hours that is scheduled by an agency for less than 10 workdays and that may require the employee to work more than 8 hours in a day.

So, where do I begin. In the event the President issues an Executive order granting a "half-day" holiday, full-time FWS employees are entitled to basic pay for the last half of their "basic work requirement" i. In addition, credit hours may not be earned by Senior Executive Service members nor for any government-related training that is scheduled and required by the agency.

Employees shall be paid not more than their current basic rate of pay for their unused credit hours. Handbook on Alternative Work Schedules. The information in this handbook is guidance. Where requirements are stated, we have cited law or regulation. Alternate schedules and work from home arrangements are not an employee entitlement, and may be discontinued or altered by the appointing authority for any reason at any time.

Employees may be permitted to work alternate schedules at the discretion of the appointing authority.


Alternative Work Schedules. Compressed work weeks save me about miles per month of wear and tear on my car.

It also allows me to take care of personal business, which is difficult to do during a normal work week.”. Alternative schedules and flexible schedules give employees more control over their lives and help with finding that work-life balance.

Working a schedule that works around your life or when you choose it opens up those hours to do as you please whether it be work another job, go to appointments, go to the gym, volunteer, or spend time with the. Alternate work schedules must always be effective at the beginning of a pay period.

When a 4/10/40 or 9/8/80 schedule is cancelled by either the employee or supervisor, written notification must be immediately sent to the Personnel Office. The alternating weeks schedule has your child spend 1 week with one parent and the next week with the other parent.

The 2 weeks each schedule has your child spend 2 weeks with one parent and then 2 weeks with the other parent.

Alternating schedules
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Parenting Schedules: 50%% shared custody, virtual visitation,